Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q-1. Can Professionals use Dr. Title after passing from BHPI?

Answer: Using any title before the name of the professionals complies with the existing rules and regulations from the government. BHPI has the responsibility up to pursue the degree, the suffix and prefix of a professional are regulated by existing regulations of the government of Bangladesh. The answer can be further explained by professional associations.

Q-2. What is the admission process for Bachelor Program?

Answer: The admission process of Bachelor Programs is stated in the Admission and Result section of the BHPI website. There is an admission test before admission.

Q-3. Are Diploma holders eligible to admit in Bachelor Courses?

Answer: BHPI is affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Dhaka, as it complies with the requirements of the Bachelor course stated in the Dhaka University ordinance. There are no such terms to comply with eligibility for Diploma medical technologists.

Q-4. Which one discipline is best to be admitted?

Answer: BHPI ensures equal educational standards and facilities for all the programs. The choice is entirely the decision of students and guardians.

Q-5. How much cost and time is needed to complete a Bachelor’s program?

Answer: The estimated cost for a Bachelor program can be collected from the BHPI office. The duration is stated as 5-years, it may be prolonged in case of university professional exam schedule. Please see the notice board “Admission Leaflet”

Q-6. Can Bachelor degree holders pass from BHPI have a government job?

Answer: Graduates find their employment in Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Special Needs Schools, Research projects, Academic institutes, Sports, Projects, Private Practice and different Government and Non-Government organizations.

There are employments in integrated disability service centers run by the Ministry of Social Welfare processed for revenue enrollment. The Bangladesh Rehabilitation Council Act 2018 has been passed by the government, the council is said to be responsible to register and regulate the therapy and rehabilitation professionals.

Moreover, the graduates are eligible to apply for BCS in general cadre categories.