Clinical Lab Facilities

Clinical lab facicalities:

1. We have enough large laboratory to study and the practical part of our laboratory course can be done here completely.
2. The laboratory is decorated with being well safety maintained.
3. We complete 285 practical classes at 1st year, 809 classes at 2nd year, and 600 classes at 3rd year. Total hour of our class length is 1475 at 3rd year, 1222 at 2nd year and 970 at 1st year.
4. There is enough opportunity to work directly in pathology and with patients. Thus practical knowledge broaden and we can be able to make our students ready for job requirements.
5. We have all instruments needed for our laboratory courses.
6. We provide facilities such as extra guidance, instruction, classes for whom are needed.
7. The laboratory works always being monitored academically in a proper way.
8.This is different from other institute because of we have hospital in where all knowledge of our laboratory can be provided according to patients’ need under guidance and that that helps our students to acquire proper learning.
9. We arrange a Clinical placement according to course for our students to authorized government hospital. The training duration is 18 weeks.