Radiology Imaging

Course Overview
Medical Technologist (Radiography)


Course Title: Diploma in Medical Technology (Radiology & Imaging)
Affiliation Body: State Medicine Faculty of Bangladesh

Course Philosophy and Rational

Radiology and Imaging technology assure the maximum life savings solutions by producing internal image of human body. In the Diagnostic
Radiology and Imaging field Medical Technologist (Radiography) performs different types of examination of Human body, such as General
Radiography, Contrast Radiography, CT scan, Mammography, MRI and other huge number of examination is done. Therefore the Technologist
has needed sufficient Knowledge on their respective field. Also to work with radiation is very risky so that technologist should have
sufficient knowledge about radiation safety and radiation control.

This course finds its rationality to develop adequate number of Medical Technologists (Radiography) in the Radiology and Imaging to
cope up with growing demand and expansion of Radiology and Imaging Diagnostic services in different sectors and to meet the desired
need of Medical Technologist/ Radiologist/Patients ratio in Bangladesh.

Conditions for entrance:

1. Qualifications & prerequisite:

(i) SSC Science or equivalent with Science with Physics& Chemistry.
(ii) Candidate has to secure 2nd division or equivalent GPA 2.5 .

(iii) Candidate passed SSC examination in current Year and previous 3Year is illegible for admission or as decided by the authority
for each year of admission.

2. Examinations for Entrance/Admission Test:

All candidates are to sit for admission tests through prescribed rules and examination method as specified in the advertisement.
Selection of the candidates will be done on merit basis as based on marks obtained in the admission test.

Despite the general merit in consideration for selection the reserved quota for different groups of applicants as specified
in the advertisement shall be maintained on the merit basis for the respective reserved quota as well. Candidates selected
for admission will have to appear before the Medical Boards as organized by the respective Institute of Health/ Medical Technology.

Course structure and duration:

The course will be of three years duration. The total period is divided into 3 parts – 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year.
In each there will be 40 weeks ((Teaching/Learning hours: 900-1200 hours/year) of teaching and learning at the end of
which there will be a year final examination. Supplementary examinations will be held 6 months of the year final examination.

Year Institutional teaching Clinical placement Revision & exam
1st Year 36 weeks 04 weeks
2nd Year 36 weeks 04 weeks
3rd Year 18 weeks 18 weeks 04 weeks