Diploma in Physiotherapy

Course Title: Diploma in Medical Technology (Physiotherapy)
Affiliating Authority: State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh.

Course Aims:
To prepare Medical Technologists (Physiotherapy) with proper explained knowledge, skill and attitude to bring about behavioural changes for enabling them to perform assigned responsibilities of Medical Technologists in Physiotherapy departments of health institutes like hospitals, rehabilitation centre, health complexes, clinics and physiotherapy centre to achieve the desired goal. The Medical Technologists (Physiotherapy) will play a vital role in helping the disabled and handicapped people.

General Objectives:

After successful completion of the 3 years Diploma course in Medical Technology (Physiotherapy), the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate sound and adequate explained knowledge and activities related to Physiotherapy.
  • Develop skills on operating and maintaining the different physiotherapy equipments and accessories.
  • Develop skills on maintaining of essential documentation related to physiotherapy.
  • Understands the hazards of handling the physiotherapy instruments and their protective measure.
  • Supervise physiotherapeutic activities.
  • Contribute to the future development and plan of physiotherapeutic activities in Bangladesh.

Specific Objectives:

  • Analyse and assess physical and relevant psychosocial factors of patients need from a physiotherapeutic perspective.
  • Synthesise explained knowledge and assessment findings in order to identify treatment objectives.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the total procedure and way the therapeutic programme as necessary to meet revised objectives according to patients’ progress.
  • Plan a therapeutic programme which permits achievement of therapeutic objectives.
  • Promote positive good health and prevent disease and disability.
  • Inform the public and other members of the health care team about the role and scope of physiotherapy.
  • Demonstrate values and attitudes consistent with high standards of ethical and professional conduct.
  • Maintain and develop educational and therapeutic skill on a life long basis.
  • Contribute to the future development of physiotherapy.

Conditions for entrance:
1. Qualifications & prerequisite:
(i) SSC Science or equivalent with Science with Physics & Chemistry.
(ii) Candidate has to secure 2nd division or GPA 2.5 in the SSC examination. Candidate passed S.S.C. exam current year or previous three years or as decided by the authority for each year of admission.

2. Current SSC & Previous 3 years, Examinations for Entrance/Admission Test:

All candidates are to sit for admission tests through prescribed rules and examination method
as specified in the advertisement. Selection of the candidates will be done on merit basis as based on marks obtained in the admission test.

Despite the general merit in consideration for selection the reserved quota for different groups of applicants as specified in the advertisement shall be maintained on the merit basis for the respective reserved quota as well. Candidates selected for admission will have to appear before the Medical Boards as organized by the respective Institute of Health/ Medical Technology.

Course structure and duration:
The course will be of three years duration. The total period is divided into 3 parts-1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. In each there will be 40 weeks (Teaching/Learning hours: 900-1300 hours/year) of teaching and learning at the end of which there will be an year final examination. Supplementary examinations will be held 6 months of the year final examination.

Year Institutional teaching Clinical placement Revision & exam
1st Year 36 weeks 04 weeks
2nd Year 24 weeks 12 weeks 04 weeks
3rd Year 20 weeks 16 weeks 04 weeks