P T A-pt


Physiotherapy Assistant course : A Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA) is a health care worker who helps to teach clients to effectively cope with their limitations in movement, daily functioning and activity. A PTA works under the supervision of a qualified/registered physiotherapist. After completion of this course the student will be designated as a Physiotherapy Assistant.

Major duties
The qualified/registered physiotherapist assigns a PTA’s duties. They work in close collaboration but ultimately the qualified/registered physiotherapist is accountable for the physiotherapy care, regardless of the amount of supervision. A PTA’s duties may include:
• Providing clinical care for assigned patients
• Providing patient/patient carer education and support to address physical, emotional and self-care needs as assigned
• Providing timely and astute information to relevant team members about the patient’s performance
• Implementing the components of the treatment plan as directed by the physiotherapist
• Assisting with walking, transfers and safe mobility, etc.
• Assisting the patient with his/her individual cognitive, perceptual and physical programs
• Assisting in or conducting group activities / exercise programs
• Monitoring and reporting changes in health status to the supervisor
• Ordering prescribed assistive or adaptive equipment according to physiotherapist recommendation.
• Maintaining equipment.
• Keep the treatment place and equipment neat and clean

Semester One: Preclinical skills exploring the overview of the individual, including basic anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, primary health care, basic physiotherapy skills & Basic English skills.

Semester Two: Preclinical skills exploring the overview of clinical conditions related to Physiotherapy.

Semester Three: 900 hours Clinical Placement and each area placement will be 4 weeks (150 hours).

Course Objectives
1. Identify common physical disorders referred to physiotherapy
2. Carry out some commonly used simple assessment techniques for identify the patient.
3. Carry out basic treatment techniques
4. Recognize and conform to all safety rules
5. Under supervision/guidance of a physiotherapist interpret assessment, findings and plan a course of physiotherapy treatment.
6. Communicate effectively with colleagues, patients and their carers and other healthcare team members.
7. Record treatments

The purpose of this course is to prepare skilled physiotherapy assistants who are able to perform simple assessments (for patient identification) and therapeutic procedures under the direction of a physiotherapist.

Course Organization

Conditions for Entrance:
1. The applicant must have passed the Secondary School Certificate or equivalent examination in science group with at least 2nd division standard / equivalent.
2. Students must meet the essential criteria as determined by the interview specification.
3. Candidates will be medically examined and will have to be found fit by an appointed medical board.

Interview and Entrance Examination:
An interview will be taken by the examination committee prior to entry on the course. The interview objectives are to assess the candidate’s disposition and their understanding of the role of a PTA. All students will require sitting and passing an entrance examination. Any endeavor to influence a member of the selection board will disqualify the candidate immediately.
Teaching & Assessment method:
Students must attend a minimum 80% of the course. Assessment will include an emphasis on:
• Semester final written and viva exams
• Clinical placement evaluation reports

Each candidate will be eligible for semester final exam if they ensure;
• Certificate of good character, professional image
• Proof of attendance of greater then 80% of the course

The student performance in all subjects shall be examined at regular intervals by written, oral or practical examinations. The semester final examinations will be conducted and assessed by either external or internal examiners. In case of viva exams, there should always be an external examiner involved. The pass mark is 50% in all types of examination.
The students must abide by the rules and regulations regarding the discipline of BHPI.
Clinical Placement:
Student clinical placement and/or clinical learning experiences will utilize rehabilitation service in Bangladesh. These include hospital based units, government & non-government organizations involved in rehabilitations & special educations units. Appropriateness of these facilities and services for PTA placement or learning experiences will be determines by the course coordinator.