Department of Speech & Language Therapy


In Bangladesh this is the first university-approved 5 year bachelor Speech & Language Therapy (including 1 year mandatory internship) professional program which is affiliated by faculty of medicine, University of Dhaka. Each year is divided into 2 semesters of 23 weeks each. The subjects studied on the course needs a broad range of skills in order to succeed. The program is conducted in English, although clinical work is carried out in the clients’ own language, Bangla. Successful completion of the program indicates professional competence to practice as a Speech and Language Therapist in Bangladesh. The curriculum includes both theoretical classroom based learning and practical experience in a variety of settings in the health, education and rehabilitation sectors with in Bangladesh.

In most countries where the profession is established, SLTs are employed by government and nongovernment organization, to work in a variety of settings. The SLT can offer specialist knowledge to those with communication disabilities, their relatives and other professionals in order to lessen the impact of the disability in a variety of ways. Examples of impairments, which can cause communication disabilities, include: deafness, neurological damage (such as cerebral palsy, stroke, and head injury), cleft palate, learning (cognitive) disabilities, stammering, disorders of the larynx and voice. These can occur before or after birth and as a result of a variety of disease processes or environmental effects. SLT provides therapy services, including diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic intervention, that are designed to improve, develop, correct, rehabilitate, or prevent the worsening of speech, language and cognitive communication disorders and swallowing disorders that have been lost, impaired, or reduced as a result of acute or chronic medical conditions, congenital anomalies, or injuries. Often, the impairment causing the disability cannot be ‘cured’ as such, and so it is the SLT’s job to help the individual and their community to maximize the individual’s potential, adapts to the communication disability, and explores ways to live with it whilst maintaining quality of life. Some SLTs choose to specialize in particular areas of work, but all are trained initially to have a broad range of skills.

We only run the Graduation Course in Speech & Language Therapy known as

B. Sc. in Speech & Language Therapy