Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy program:

Prepare for a Rewarding Career

This full-time, graduate-level program will give you the skills you need to practice Occupational Therapy. As an Occupational Therapist, you’ll spend your career helping people of all ages and backgrounds to enhance their performance of everyday activities-things like self-care, work/productivity, school and leisure.

Name of the Program: Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (B.Sc. in OT)

Affiliating Authority: Medicine Faculty, University of Dhaka

Medium of Instruction: English

Seat Capacity: 40

Qualifications and Admission Requirement: The applicant must have passed the S.S.C. and H.S.C or the examination of equal status in science group with biology, Physics and chemistry without any grace mark or improvement and have to secure the grade point 7 (seven). The candidate must have minimum grade point 3 (three) separately. However, the criteria cannot be contradictory to the rules and practice of Faculty of Medicine of the University of Dhaka.

Admission Test and Interview: After qualifying the admission test a candidate will have to undergo medical and physical examination by the medical board. Then, the medical board will give medical certificate on which his/her admission shall be decided. Students, on the basis of merit in admission test and medical certificate will be selected as successful candidate. Thus he/ she will be nominated for admission.

Program Aim:

  • To provide a framework that allows for the development of core skills in Occupational Therapy.

  • To develop the skills of problem solving and holistic thinking required to enable students to practice Occupational Therapy with limited resources and supervision.

  • To provide opportunity for the development of clinical and reasoning skills, that will enable graduates to practice safely and effectively within a working environment.

  • To encourage questioning, creativity and critical thinking that will enable graduates to develop self-reliance and become constructive contributors within multi-disciplinary teams.

  • To develop a sense of responsibility to the provision and promotion of Occupational Therapy and wider health services in Bangladesh; including undertaking research and training roles and contributing towards education policies of the profession in Bangladesh.

  • To develop values and attitudes consistent with high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

  • To develop management skills to enable graduates to manage themselves, their peers and those under their supervision in an effective and sensitive manner.


Program Overview:

The B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy program consists of 4 years undergraduate teaching, including minimum of 1200 hours clinical placement and 1 year full time internship.




First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
CODE Subject CODE Subject CODE Subject CODE Subject
OT-101 Anatomy (1 & 2) OT-201 Occupational Therapy in Paediatrics (1 &2) OT-301 Psychosocial & Psychiatric Occupational Therapy OT-401 Research Project (For Thesis group)
OT-102 Physiology (1 & 2) OT-202 Orthopaedic& Medical Conditions- Diagnosis and Treatment OT-302 Research Methodology OT-402 Rehabilitation of Hand & Upper Limb
OT-103 OT Theory and Application (1 & 2) OT-203 Occupational Therapy in Physical Dysfunction OT-303 Community Based Rehabilitation OT-403 Advanced Rehabilitation
OT-104 Therapeutic Skills (1& 2) OT-204 Occupational Therapy in Neurology OT-304 Professional Development and Promotion OT-404 Reflective Practice
OT-105 Kinesiology OT-205 Adaptation and Design OT-305 Pharmacological Effects OT-405 Management
OT-106 Psychology OT-206 Therapeutic Skills-3 OT-306 Ergonomics OT-406 Participation in Occupation
OT-107 Pathology & Microbiology OT-207 Psychiatric Disorders – Diagnosis and Treatment OT-307 Clinical Placement (Mental Health & Psycho-social) OT-407 Teaching Methods & Skills
OT-108 Neuroscience OT-208 Clinical Placement (Paediatrics) OT-308 Clinical Placement (Physical Medicine) OT-408 Project Management
OT-109 Public Health Issues OT-209 Clinical Placement (Spinal Cord Injury) OT-309 Clinical Placement (CBR) OT-409 Fieldwork investigation (For Non-Thesis group)
OT-210 Clinical Placement (Adult Neurology) OT-410 Advance Placement
OT-211 Clinical Placement (School Setting)


Result: Result will be in term of pass or fail.

Award of Degree: The candidate will be awarded qualified Occupational Therapist through successful completion of course with mandatory twelve months internship