Medical Technology

Course Overview
Medical Technologist (Radiography)


Course Title: Diploma in Medical Technology (Radiology & Imaging)
Affiliation Body: State Medicine Faculty of Bangladesh

Course philosophy and rational

Radiology and Imaging technology assure the maximum life savings solutions by producing internal image of human body. In the Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging field Medical Technologist (Radiography) performs different types of examination of Human body, such as General Radiography, Contrast Radiography, CT scan, Mammography, MRI and other huge number of examination is done. Therefore the Technologist has needed sufficient Knowledge on their respective field. Also to work with radiation is very risky so that technologist should have sufficient knowledge about radiation safety and radiation control.
This course finds its rationality to develop adequate number of Medical Technologists (Radiography) in the Radiology and Imaging to cope up with growing demand and expansion of Radiology and Imaging Diagnostic services in different sectors and to meet the desired need of Medical Technologist/ Radiologist/Patients ratio in Bangladesh.