Why choose BHPI ?

By choosing BHPI, you are choosing to study with global citizens. From the very beginning Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI) is endeavoring to produce world class health professionals who are endeavoring successfully at home and abroad. BHPI was established in 1992 aiming to develop highly skilled multidisciplinary health care professionals. It is an academic institute of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP).

We care about you

You will be supported by our dedicated team from the beginning of your journey with us. You will have access to office personnel for any kind of academic issue which needs to be solved. For your better performance in your study you will have the foundation English language course before starting your main subject’s curriculum.

Internationally recognized

Whatever the profession you choose to study here, you will get international recognition. All the subjects are affiliated by their international bodies of approval. After study wherever you move in this world our offered degree is enough to get a prestigious job.

Quality education

You will have the opportunity to learn from skilled national and international faculty members throughout your journey with BHPI. Access to research lab and a robust library will open the door for you to create new knowledge in your area of interest.

Hands-on experience

One year of internship in the final year will make you a competent and confident professional in your early solo professional life. Besides this, you have to go through some intensive work placements during the academic years that will help you to connect the theory to practice.

Enjoyable campus life

You will have a colorful student life in BHPI campus. Explore your hidden extracurricular talent and be an agent of change for your community.